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Swedish paper quality

Hylte Paper is located in Hyltebruk and is a paper mill with a long and proud history. We produce environmentally certified paper of world-leading quality using raw material from responsibly managed forests.

About Hylte Paper

Hylte Mill is one of the world's largest paper mills with a capacity of 245,000 tons of high-quality paper. The mill was founded in 1907 and has a long and proud history in the paper industry.

Today, the mill is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly paper producers in the world. The paper mill has gone through many changes and modernizations over the years to increase its productivity and efficiency. Today, they produce high-quality paper with many different characteristics; Hylte Pocket, Hylte News, Hylte Attract and Hylte Appetite.

A proud history

In 1907, the formation of the paper mill Hyltebruks AB began and two years later the mill was ready to be put into operation. Around the paper mill in Småland, the community Hyltebruk grew as the mill created job opportunities.

During the first years, Hylte Bruk mainly produced newsprint and cardboard. The factory was gradually developed and modernized over the years, and in the 1920s it began to produce high-quality paper for letterpress and art printing. During the Second World War, Hylte Bruk also produced some special paper for military purposes.

In 2023, Sweden Timber bought Hylte Bruk from Stora Enso. Today we have a paper machine in operation and have approximately 270 employees. With its capacity of 245,000 tonnes, it remains one of the world's largest paper mills and will continue to do so going forward!

Work with us!

Hylte Bruk has a large operation with many different work areas. We are a wonderful team and we always welcome new competent employees. Feel free to send a spontaneous application or apply for one of our vacant positions right now!

Contact us

Hylte Paper

Hylte Bruk
Gamla Nissastigen 16
314 81 Hyltebruk

+46 (0)10 461 90 00