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Hylte Paper produce high quality paper of fresh fiber from responsibly managed local forests. The average distance we transport our raw material is under 10 miles!

High Quality Paper

Hylte Paper has excellent printability and runnability. An obvious choice! The paper we produce can be used for newspapers, direct mail and advertisements.

Our product groups are newsprint, Hylte News, and improved newsprint, Hylte Attract. Our knowledgeable and service-minded employees will help you find the right technical specification on paper for your needs!

A conscious choice for the environment

For us, it is important to protect the environment and that our raw material comes from responsibly managed forests. We care about responsible management of the forests, social responsibility and sustainable production methods. Choosing our paper is an easy way to make a conscious choice for the environment!

The manufacturing process

In Hylte Bruk, paper is produced from TMP pulp. The pulp is made from sawmill chips and pulpwood that is ground into chips.

The chips are processed in a refiner to produce TMP pulp.

The pulp is then processed by dewatering, pressing and drying to become paper. The finished paper is packaged on rolls that are distributed for use in printing at our customers.

Hylte Paper – a part of Sweden Timber

Hylte Paper is part of Sweden Timber, which produces and sells wood products to the construction industry and wood trade worldwide.

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